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Compute variance and cluster the top genes


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Sample Description Strain
000-1-D SRR941816 Bread
000-1-E SRR941840 Bioethanol
000-1-W SRR941826 Wine
000-2-D SRR941817 Bread
000-2-E SRR941841 Bioethanol
000-2-W SRR941827 Wine
030-1-D SRR941818 Bread
030-1-E SRR941842 Bioethanol
030-1-W SRR941830 Wine
030-2-D SRR941819 Bread
030-2-E SRR941843 Bioethanol
030-2-W SRR941831 Wine
060-1-D SRR941821 Bread
060-1-E SRR941844 Bioethanol
060-1-W SRR941834 Wine
060-2-D SRR941822 Bread
060-2-E SRR941845 Bioethanol
060-2-W SRR941835 Wine
180-1-D SRR941823 Bread
180-1-E SRR941846 Bioethanol
180-1-W SRR941836 Wine
180-2-D SRR941824 Bread
180-2-E SRR941847 Bioethanol
180-2-W SRR941839 Wine